Making Financial Decisions About Auto Body Repair Work After a Collision

After a vehicle Collision in Staten Island, car owners have to make decisions about auto body repair. Not everyone has collision insurance coverage, as many people choose to drop that part of the policy for older vehicles. Even policyholders who do have the coverage also have a deductible they are responsible for, and that deductible can be a substantial amount. What can vehicle owners do if they simply don’t have the money they must pay for the repair work?

One option is to put off the nonessential repairs until there is enough cash in the bank account. In many cases, the damage does not interfere with the functionality or safety of operating the vehicle. Anyone who makes a point of looking around parking lots will likely spot a car or two with noticeable dents from a Collision, but those vehicles are still drivable. The owner of a damaged car might bring it to a garage such as Barry’s Auto Body Shop for an estimate on the repair work.

Issues with an insurer can cause trouble as well. An insurance company may declare the vehicle a total loss and offer to pay the owner for the fair market value. In many cases, that value is not nearly enough to replace the vehicle, and the person would just as soon get it repaired. Negotiations through the customer’s insurance agent then begin. Another scenario involves the insurer requiring two or three estimates and only being willing to pay the lowest estimate. Yet the vehicle owner may prefer one of the other garages. He or she then is responsible for any amount above the lower estimate.

Sometimes the body work is expected to cost so much that the owner decides to sell the car for a cheap price and finance a newer one. However, frugal individuals commonly say that even an expensive repair tends to cost a lot less than a few years of car payments. The owner may want to spend some time comparing the cost of auto body repair with the cost of another car spread out over several years, including finance charges.


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